Septembre 30th, 2020

Provisional patent in France

Since July 1, 2020, it is possible in France to make a provisional patent application. The filing of such an application, which is done at the INPI, is different from the filing of a regular patent application on two main points :

To obtain a patent, the provisional application must be brought into conformity within 12 months, by paying the search fee and filing the missing documents.

Be careful not to consider the provisional application as a "cheap" patent. The filing of a provisional application must be prepared with the same care as the filing of a conventional application, at the risk of not obtaining satisfactory protection, and of no longer being able to protect oneself by a subsequent filing. Moreover, the filing of such an application does not provide a search report within 12 months of the filing, and therefore does not allow for the best preparation of possible foreign filings.

* reduced rate for SMEs or natural person applicants

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